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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

Michaels Musings

Michael's (July and August 2007) Musings

It felt very strange not producing the paper version of Classical Gas last month, but it had to be done some time. Whether we like it or not the internet is the way we communicate now. As its instantaneous it has made paper an obsolete way to convey news. You can see this by the way all the leading papers have web sites where you can read their news storeys the day before they appear in the paper. I'm not sure how this can continue as I'm not sure where their income comes from!

I still like some stuff on paper though. The Saturday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Restart and Triple, but they are periodicals to look back and savour and discuss what went on rather than conveying news.

On the motoring front it's been a nice summer of motor racing with Neil, shows and social runs. The Edinburgh is looming so I need to get out in the garage soon!

Michael's (June 2007) Musings

Hello Falcons,

Just to let you know that I have decided to stop producing the Classical Gas supplement to Falconry. The first one was in March 1995 and I did a total of 146, only missing one when my divorce proceedings were at their most traumatic. It was great fun (I don't mean the divorce!) and I like to think Classical Gas helped in the Falcon resurgence. However, everything has to come to an end. By the time you read this I will be semi-retired. I get my winter fuel allowance, bus pass and free prescriptions in a few months. Its time to reorganise my life!

Some ten years ago I started the Classical Gas Internet site. This has gone from strength to strength and will continue. Its only the paper version that will stop. Today we have a super Falconry magazine with some excellent stuff from David and the contributors. I plan to submit the odd piece to David and I hope I can contribute to Falcon in other ways.


Michael's (May 2007) Musings

Michael pictured on a grey day at Mallory Park. The two cars are under Neil's new awning. We were to be grateful of that when the rain came down before lunch and persisted for the rest of the day.

The days are getting longer, the trials season draws to a close and the summer sports are well underway. I have started going to the circuits to support Neil and its certainly been interesting so far, with two cars to take care off. Championship wise we have to look to the Fiesta as David Thomas, who is a sort of Dudley, is going to do a full season and he is in Neil's class in Post Historic.

As well as competitions there are also the shows to go to. There were quite a few Falcons at Stoneleigh for The Kit Car show. If you haven’t been put it in your diary for next year. Provided the weathers nice there are lots of cars to see outside and lots of bits and pieces to buy inside the halls.

There are also some social runs to go on, including Falcon’s ”Fish and Chip” evening on the evening of Friday 6th July. Its my goal to do it in the Dellow, lets hope I can get it ready. All being well I should be officially semi-retired by then. More about that soon!

Michael's (April 2007) Musings

Having got the Beetle rolling thoughts now turn to getting my Dellow, Mk1 JRK 117, back on the road. Before it went into hibernation for two years it was clear the handbrake needed sorting and there is something loose at the back end as it makes a horrible noise when you go over a bump.

As those of you who have seen the car will know it’s a bit of a heap and there are a few other things it needs. Like an Anglia back axle, as the Escort one in the car makes the wheels stick out. It wasn’t that easy to get one but now I have accumulated several thanks to eBay and Simon.

I have also managed to get hold of some other bits and pieces through eBay so hopefully it will be all Dellow systems go soon!

I would liked to take it to the Dellow do at Shelsley but I thinks that’s a bit optimistic so the target is Classics on the Common.

Don’t forget to put The Classical Gas Quiz in your diary for 16th May.

Michael's (March 2007) Musings

On top of the world, well Edlesborough Hill anyway, Michael happy to be behind the wheel of his Beetle again (picture by Dave Cook)

Wow, what a fantastic March Hare, was it brilliant or mega brilliant? I know the weather before and during the trial was ideal and the sections were in almost perfect condition. However, the real credit goes to the organising team led by Arnold and their preparation and professionalism Also to Mike and John for all their work building up the event since it started in 1999. It was wonderful to see them both competing this year, what a shame about JP’s car.

It was a special event for me. The first time behind the wheel since the Brickhill Trial in October 2004. Now to get the Dellow going, but not before getting the Beetle ready for The Lands End.

Don’t forget to put The Classical Gas Quiz in your diary for 16th May.

Michael's (February 2007) Musings

Although many reckoned The Exeter to be easier this year, mainly because Simms was easier than usual, there weren’t that many gold's coming Falcons way. The real drama’s were reserved for Class 0 where a Marlin ended up on its side down a bank and a Subaru Justy and Anne Whellocks A7 on their roofs. Hairy stuff.

Two weeks later Mike Hayward and I went marshalling on The Clee Hills. I have been up to Shropshire for The Clee every year since it was restarted under the umbrella of  the MAC. It is a superbly organised event. If you have never done the Clee give it a go next year. You may even get some snow!

As I write there are 29 entries for The March Hare on 11th March. I need to get my finger out and get the Beetle ready, but I need to rid myself of the dreaded seasonal bug first.

Michael's (January 2007) Musings

This months CG strays away from Falcon a bit, with pieces on Dave Wall’s interesting “new” Mk1 Dellow and a Sporting Trial’s review from Duncan Stephens. Both are enthusiastic younger triallers, come from trials families and have competed in Falcon events recently.

Talking of Dellows, I have just got mine back although I will ignore it for a while as I plan to return to the fray with the Beetle first.

It’s the March Hare on 11th March. Regulars readers will know this is my favourite Falcon event. It’s not just good its mind blowing brilliant! Arnold, David and team have put in an enormous amount of work in preparation. Enter or marshal but don’t miss it! There will be a new section on Mike Young’s land near Chesham. Some of you may remember Mike driving a Racecorp some years ago. He has not lost interest in trialling and was passengering for Peter Mountain at Brickhill when he made Arnold an offer he couldn’t refuse!


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