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Sidevalve Stuff


The Long and Short of it all

THE SHORT RAD MODEL Y - You can see that the Starting Handle hole is below the Radiator Grille, this where the name 'Short Rad' comes from. The mudguards do not fully enclose the wheelarch.
THE LONG RAD MODEL Y - Here the Starting Handle hole is within the Grille itself leading to the name 'Long Rad'. When in 1935 the price of the Two door was reduced to £100 the upholstery changed from Leather/Cloth to Rexine and the Model name Popular was created.

After the Upright

After the war Ford resumed UK car production with its E93A family. Then at the 1953 Motor Show they introduced the monocoque 100E. It was powered by an 1172 side-valve engine but although the capacity was the same it was in fact an entirely new design. The two door model was called “Anglia” and the four door “Prefect”. 345,000 were produced before production stopped in 1962.
The 107E was a hybrid model, comprising the discontinued 100E Prefect body shell mated with the new 105E Anglia's OHV engine and running gear - including a four-speed gearbox. The car was introduced at the 1959 motor show to fill a gap in Ford's range for a small four-door saloon until the arrival of the Consul Classic.
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