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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

Dean Cleans Allen

Dean Partington had the only clean sheet on a very wet Allen Trial, clinching the Wheelspin Championship in the process.

There had been a lot of rain in the preceding week, with extensive flooding in the south west. This made the Ubley Wood sections very muddy and it was here the event was decided. Dean was challenged by  Dave Haizelden and Keith Sanders, both losing only two marks on the hills, although Keith also dropped marks when he incurred a fail on the special test.

Mick Workman and Tony Underhill are pictures of concentration as they tackle the mud on John Walker (Picture by Calvin Talbot from Cstartworks)

Videos by Julian Archbold at John Walker and Dave Haizelden at Ubley Woods

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Allen Trial and Wheelspin Winner Dean Partington applying the power at Ubley Woods (Picture by Dave Cook)

Keith Sanders dropped out of the top three when he picked up a fail on the Special Test (Picture by Dave Cook)

Dave Cook pictures Gary Browning restarting on Burledge on his way to winning Class Six

Dave Cook used flash to picture Aaron Haizelden on John Walker in the gathering gloom.

With all the flooding there was concern that the event was going to take place. However Pete Hart and his team checked things out on the Saturday and reported that, apart from the stream at the bottom of Uplands which was impassable, the route was good to go.

There were a couple of non starters but there were still nearly 60 cars lining up at the start in Doynton near J18 on the M4.

The Travers Restart sorted Class 7

After a gentle run up Tog Hill the restart on Bitton Lane was unfriendly to Class 5 and Nick Deacon was the only one of five Suzuki X90's to get away. Guys Hill was next, perhaps the rain had washed the mud away because there were fewer failures than usual.

The Yellows and Reds had to restart on Travers. and this certainly sorted out class 7, only the Marlins of John Hammill and eventual Class winner Dave Broom getting away. The restart also accounted for around 50% of class 8.

Ubley Decides the Trial

The four sections at Ubley Wood were just up the track. unlike the other hills, which are all on green lanes, these are artificial sections marked out on the top of a grassy hill. With no stone bottom they were very slippery and a full blooded approach was required. Only Dean Partington cleaned all four. Dave Wall and Charlie Knifton did well but succumbed to the Class 8 restart on the Ubley 1 to loose their only five marks of the day. Without a restart here Sam Holmes in Class Four, Keith Sanders in Class Five, Gary Browning in Class Six and Dave Haizelden in Class One also went clear and went on to win their respective classes.

Ubley Woods 2 and 3 were difficult but cleanable but it was Ubley Woods 4 that decided the trial when Dean was the only clear.

Big Uplands was Cancelled

With Big Uplands cancelled there were only three sections after the lunch break. It should have been plain sailing for the leaders with Dean clear and Dave Haizelden and Keith Sanders on two. That wasn't how it finished as Keith overshot a line on the Special Test which penalises you six marks on The Allen and it dropped him down the standings promoting Dave Wall to 3rd overall in his tidy K series Dellow.

John Walker was the last section, a glorious blast though the mud and ruts just as the light was failing. It wasn't a formality for the low slung cars though and Ian Moss dropped six in an unfamiliar and very standard looking Hillman Imp. The ruts were deep and both class winning cars of Aaron Haizelden and Dave Wall ended up with deranged front suspension..

Dean wins The Allen and The Wheelspin

So ended another well run and popular Allen Trial with Dean Partington victorious for the fourth time giving him an unassailable lead in The Wheelspin Trophy.


Class Driver/Car Marks
Overall Dean Partington (DP Wasp) 0
1 David Haizelden (Golf GTi) 2
2 Adrian Dommett (Wolseley Hornet) 9
3 Aaron Haizelden (Ford Escort) 12
4 Sam Holmes (VW Beetle) 5
5 Keith Sanders (Reliant Scimitar SS1) 8
6 Gary Browning (VW Beetle) 6
7 Dave Broom (Marlin) 10
8 Dave Wall (Dellow) 5

Added 21 December 2012

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