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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.
July 2003 - Part 1 (22nd June 2003)

Brays Madness

Neil Bray was the narrow winner of Falcon’s Midsummer Madness Autotest on 22nd June just piping Keith Pettit, Roger Dudley and Arnold Lane. These four were followed a few seconds later by David Manning who had a good run.

Neil Bray returned to Upper Caldecote to set another FTD
Geoff Hodge was going well in his Westfield until the penalties set in.
Keith Pettit in his Spridget rather than his usual Frogeye nearly won.
Katie Dudley with Andrew in their Mk2 Escort
Look Right with Jackie and Roger Dudley

There were fourteen entries for Falcon’s second Autotest of the season in Neil Brays back garden at Upper Caldecote. Unfortunately two of the entry turned up without cars! Ed Nikel couldn’t get his Imp started after an open door flattened the battery so came along to marshal. Michael Leete has been concentrating on his mountain biking this summer and didn’t check his Nova out beforehand. Unfortunately all was not well with the brakes as one of the callipers had seized and worn the pads down to the metal. Unfortunately Mrs Classical Gas hadn’t noticed the noise on the family shopping car!

Mike Hayward and John Newberry were in charge and Mike had laid our some different test, the idea being to have two sets of cones laid out and to have five different routes round each to give ten tests.

Ed Nikel and Michael Leete weren’t the only ones to have car trouble. Neil Bray hadn’t used his autotest Mini since last summer and it refused to start until points, plugs and a few other electrical bits were changed. There was yet more trouble when Keith Pettit fired up Frogeye “Toad” at home. Normally the oil pressure is around 60psi when cold, dropping to 45 when warmed up. Unfortunately there was only 30 on the gauge and after a few miles it dropped to zero. Keith phoned home to get a tow home and pick up another car to make the start.

Arnold Lane set the fastest time on test one, nearly a second quicker than Neil. Then on the long test two it was Keith Pettit’s turn and he really flew round to be more than a second quicker than either Neil or Arnold. Although Arnold was still narrowly in front overall. Neil gritted his teeth and posted a real flyer on test three to take an overall lead he was not to relinquish for the rest of the day. This test saw the end of Peter Manning’s hopes, as penalties added another thirty seconds to his total.

Roger Dudley was fastest on test four. Roger was competing in the Production class, sharing the family Mini with Jackie, who contrary to my last report is not the Stock Car Web master, that is sister Christina. Then on test five David Manning was set the best time, five different competitors setting the fastest times on the first five test’s.

At the half way stage it was Neil Bray in the lead on 140.2, followed by Keith Pettit on 142.0 and Arnold Lane with 143.1. Arnold and Neil tied for fastest on test six and then Arnold was joint fastest with Keith on test seven, but not enough to get up to Neil. David Manning was the fastest on test nine but the order remained Neil – Keith – Arnold – Roger until the last test when Roger put in a super time to get in front of Arnold to be third fastest at the end of the day.

Ed Nikel has sold his White Trials Imp to Richard Tompkins after the Lands End problems were found to be bigger than the clutch. The diff was on the way out and it was reckoned another twenty miles and it would have disintegrated. Although Ed is still an Imp fan, and has retained his Red car he is going VW for competition. There are two cars in the pipeline. A Mk1 Golf Gti, obtained via e-bay, and the ex- Matt Wilmore Buggy last driven by Mike Pearson. This is being re-united with it’s type three engine that David Thompson used in the ex- Graham Marshal buggy, now campaigned with type 4 power by John Parsons.
Chris Bray did quite a bit of damage to his Mk3 Escort in an accident while racing at Mallory Park. Chris was following a pair of VW Golf’s down the straight when they collided and spun in front of Chris. His Escort hit one of them, riding over the top and coming down sideways very hard doing extensive damage to the front end. It’s repairable but may put his title challenge in question.
Keith Pettit was driving a maroon Spridget at the Midsummer Madness Autotest, rather than his familiar “Toad” Frogeye, after the latter lost it’s oil pressure. Keith has had this car for many years, in fact longer than Toad, having purchased it for the proverbial Thirty Quid. At one time it had a Formd Kent motor but is A series powered again now. It certainly went well at Upper Caldecote.


Peter Manning	Mini		329.4	
Neil Bray		Mini		270.5	FTD
Arnold Lane	Mini		274.5	1st Class A
David Manning	Mini		279.8	2nd Class A
Martin Cheshire	Peugeot 205	295.2	
Keith Pettit	Spridget		272.9	1st Class C
Geoff Hodge	Westfield		344.6	
Roger Dudley	Mini		273.9	1st Prodn
Andrew Dudley	Escort		286.3	2nd Prodn
Jackie Dudley	Mini		379.3	
Katie Dudley	Escort		320.7	

Click Here for full results in PDF

Click Here for Auto Test Championship in PDF (provided by Peter Manning)


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