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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.
February 2003 - Part 2

The March Hare Trial 2003

Click Here to View and Download the Regulations and Entry Form

This will be the fourth running of The March Hare since it has gone "back on the road" as a Classic Trial. The start will be just off Junction 9 on the M1 to the south of Luton. The route will go in a circle, taking in some familiar and not familiar sections on tracks to the South and East of Luton. It will then head north for a series of sections on private land at Brickhill, Ivinghoe, Edlesborough and Kensworth. Finally there should be more sections on byways before the finish.
None of the sections will be mega-rough and Falcon hope to attract MCC competitors who find some of the ACTC events too damaging. Having said this the Clerk of the Course is confident the result will be decided on the hills rather than the special tests! This coupled with a scenic route through the Chilterns, and generous sponsorship from Murrays VW/Audi Discount Store, should guarantee a good day for all.

Sunday 9th March 2003


Starting just off Junction 9 on the M1 at the A5 Interchange just south of Luton.


Clubsport Event, MCC Invited


Competition Licence is not required.        


Click here to read David Aldersons report of the 2000 event


Click here to read Michael Leete's report of the 2000 event


Click here to read report of the 2002 event (2001 was cancelled because of Foot & Mouth)


Click here to go to The Official Murray's March Hare Web Site




Joint Clerks of the Course John Parsons and Mike Pearson


Secretary of the Meeting David Sheffield


Chief Marshal Arnold Lane 

Some Images from the 2002 March Hare


0004MarchHareJohnBell.jpg (19727 bytes) 0004MarchHareNickWollett.jpg (15447 bytes)
0004MHHazMac.jpg (14599 bytes) 0004MHRossN.jpg (15109 bytes)

Some Images from the 2000 March Hare (the 2001 was cancelled because of Foot and Mouth)

There’s not long to go now till Murray’s March Hare on 9th March. This is the forrth running of Falcon’s revived road trial. It’s a Clubsport event so a Competition Licence is not necessary. However, your car will need to be taxed as there will be around 80 miles on the road as well as the trials sections.

If you have never done a Classic Trial before this is the ideal event to get your feet wet (perhaps literally on Half Moon Lane). There is something special about a road trial. It’s a completely different atmosphere to a single venue event. The biggest challenge is to get your car round the route and back home again in one piece. Reliability is very important if you aren’t going to call the AA man!

The sections themselves will tend to be rougher than your average PCT but that’s considered part of the challenge. They will also be longer, probably straighter and you may have to stop on a steep part of the hill and re-start again.

Classic trials also have timed sections called "special tests" there are used to resolve any ties that may occur.

Murray’s March Hare will require lot’s of marshal's, so if you don’t plan to compete please come and help out.


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